Debunkers Academy with Jim Stanford

The Centre for Future Work is proud to launch a new series of short educational videos, featuring Director Jim Stanford, called Debunkers’ Academy. The series will challenge conventional economic wisdom on many timely topics: like labour markets, government finances, jobs and the environment, and more. Each video is accompanied by links to additional reading and detailed statistical sources. See below for the full set of videos, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Inflation 101

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What’s causing the current surge in inflation? And what should be done about it? In this new video, the latest in our “Debunkers’ Academy” series, Jim Stanford from the Centre for Future Work shows it’s not higher wages driving higher prices — in fact, wages are lagging far behind prices, and falling in real terms. The real culprit is corporations, who have taken advantage of the disruptions of the pandemic to jack up their prices (and their profits). This inflation is different than the 1970s, and it needs a different solution. Watch and learn!

Debt Phobia 101

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Did Canada experience a “debt crisis” in the 1990s? And will we experience another one after COVID, if we don’t slash government spending fast? In this video, Jim Stanford debunks the fear-mongering about public debt propagated by those who want government downsized anytime – debt or no debt.