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CBC’s The Current Looks at Inflation and Food Prices

The sharp acceleration of food prices (up over 11% in the last 12 months) has sparked anger and hardship in Canadian families struggling to pay the bills of day-to-day life. It has also raised troubling questions about the corporate power of the major supermarket chains, which control a dominant share of the overall food retail industry. Centre for Future Work Director Jim Stanford recently joined Matt Galloway, host of CBC’s national radio program The Current, for an in-depth conversation about food prices, why they’re so high, the role of corporate profits in driving up prices for food and other necessities – and, most important, what we can do about it. Hear their segment,beginning at the 23:00 minute mark of the program.

Jim Stanford is Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work. He divides his time between Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. Jim is one of Canada’s best-known economic commentators. He served for over 20 years as Economist and Director of Policy with Unifor, Canada’s largest private-sector trade union.