About the Centre for Future Work

The Centre for Future Work is a progressive research institute, founded in 2016, with operations in Canada and Australia.

The Centre is a unique centre of excellence on the full range of economic issues facing working people: including the future of jobs, wages and income distribution, skills and training, sector and industry policies, globalization, the role of government, public services, and more. The Centre also develops timely and practical policy proposals to help make the world of work better for working people and their families.  The Centre is independent and non-partisan.

In Canada, the Centre operates in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and is housed in the CCPA’s office in Vancouver.

In Australia, the Centre is a project of the Australia Institute, Australia’s pre-eminent progressive research centre, based in Canberra.

History of the Centre and its new presence in Canada

A short video presentation from Director, Jim Stanford.

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